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Is Your Account Manager Up To The Job?

Image of Jamie Willgoose
Jamie Willgoose

The core role of an account manager is to build strong relationships with clients whilst identifying challenges or opportunities and finding ways to assist with these challenges and opportunities. In this blog Jamie Willgoose, a Business Consultant at Ascertus who has spent most of his career in product implementation and training identifies the key areas that account managers should focus on to help clients meet their business objectives.

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Are You Ready to Migrate Your iManage Work Document Management System to the Cloud?

Image of Raj Chambore
Raj Chambore

Over the last few years, we have seen a seismic shift in technology adoption, with organisations moving their infrastructure to the cloud. Consequently today, cloud-based applications are no longer seen as emerging technologies – they are now a default choice. The latest Gartner statistics show that 85% of organisations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025. So, why has cloud computing become so popular?

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Why Wouldn’t You Move to the Cloud?

Image of Ascertus

Lawyers today routinely work off their smartphones and mobile devices to conduct business and yet some firms are reluctant to deploy enterprise systems in the Cloud, preferring on-premises implementations instead. Rightly, organisations are concerned about security, but at the risk of repetition, very few organisations can provide the level of investment in cybersecurity and continued development that the large global Cloud providers are demonstrating on a daily basis.

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