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Legal solutions for Financial Services

Financial Services businesses are heavily regulated, and keeping up with continuous changes in local, national, and international regulations is a daunting task. Legal professionals must ensure that all technology solutions support compliance, whilst also aiding efficiency and collaboration.

Document Management Systems (DMS) supported with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and matter management solutions can transform Financial Services legal operations by enhancing efficiency, security, and compliance with integrated, cutting-edge technologies designed for legal professionals. 

Legal technology selection

The breadth of Financial Services legal solutions can make it challenging to know where to start. This is where Ascertus can help to establish objectives associated to business needs, in order to shortlist appropriate solutions. Our full range of solutions includes:

Document Management Systems | Contract Lifecycle Management | Matter Management | Intake & Triage

Document & Workflow Automation | Legal Spend & eBilling | Digital Signatures Data Discovery | Know Your Customer

iManage DMS

iManage DMS

A Document Management System, such as iManage, is the cornerstone of any Financial Services legal department. A single searchable repository for all business content.

> iManage DMS



Extends and enhance a DMS with matter management capabilities. Quickly and easily kick-off a matter by accessing the Matter Creation Smart Form from your DMS in your browser.

> Co-Flo



Matter intake and triage provides intelligent, streamlined and automated workflows between your internal clients, in-house legal department, and even your external law firms.

> Lawcadia Legal Operations



Purpose-built for unstructured data discovery, ActiveNav Cloud provides deep insights and delivers a sensitive data risk audit in a single pane of
glass, right out of the box.

> ActiveNav



Help to keep on top of your KYC requirements with automated workflows to streamline the client intake process and implement a better way to capture crucial client details.

Sysero Know Your Customer



Docusign eSignature is trusted by hundreds of millions of users world-wide and meets electronic signature regulations, including eIDAS.

> Docusign Digital Signatures



From document drafting and comparison, legal data management, to metadata cleaning and data loss prevention. Litera offers a suite of legal tech solutions.

> Litera document comparison

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CLM DMS round

Document Management Systems and Contract Lifecycle Management solutions work hand in hand

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a critical component in the legal operations, where the accuracy and accessibility of contract-related documents directly impact business outcomes. This is where a Document Management System (DMS) like iManage proves invaluable. By integrating iManage DMS into the CLM process, legal departments can enhance efficiency, compliance, and decision-making capabilities.

Why do legal tech solutions fail?

Legal tech solutions may fail due to poor user adoption, inadequate training, and lack of proper integration. If a solution isn't user-friendly or well-integrated with other tools, or if its benefits aren't clear, users may resist adopting it and continue using familiar, less efficient methods. In this situation it becomes challenging to achieve ROI, or the implementation can fail altogether.

The Ascertus solution

At Ascertus we work collaboratively. This means we work in partnership with our clients to:

  • Establish the business needs and objectives
  • Review appropriate solutions
  • Build an implementation strategy
  • Develop a bespoke onboarding program
  • Train employees to ensure adoption
  • Provide ongoing support and advice

Everything you need to for a successful implementation.

Implementation process

Four steps to start your legal tech journey

Book a meeting

One of expert consultants will discuss any business pain points and objectives.

Product demo

Based on the initial discovery we will tailor a solution and demo the benefits.

Project scope

Align on timings, budget and project structure, to support the Business Case

Strategy defined

An in-depth implementation strategy is defined to ensure projects success.

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Legal technology resources

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What are the benefits of legal technology?

Legal technology enhances efficiency and accuracy in document management and contract lifecycle management by automating routine tasks, improving data security, and aiding regulatory compliance. It reduces costs, increases scalability, and improves decision-making through advanced analytics. Additionally, these technologies facilitate better client engagement and resource management, making legal services more accessible and efficient.

How is tech changing the legal industry?

Advanced technologies like AI and machine learning allow legal professionals to automate routine legal tasks—enhancing speed, accuracy, and freeing lawyers to tackle complex issues. Document Management Systems are now widely used to efficiently organise, store, and retrieve data, while Contract Lifecycle Management solutions streamline processes from drafting to execution, ensuring compliance and reducing manual labor.

What are the disadvantages of legal technology?

Legal technology solutions can be expensive to implement, however the risks of not using technology that supports compliance and offers auditing capabilities, is far greater. AML and KYC regulations are intensifying, along with an increase in wider data legislations, such as GDPR. It is now more important than ever for businesses to ensure they have best of breed legal solutions in place to help mitigate risk.


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