ActiveNav Dark Data round

What is ActiveNav data discovery?

ActiveNav specialises in unstructured data discovery, offering scalable SaaS services for data discovery and classification, inventory and data mapping and privacy and compliance monitoring. In addition it provides its on-premise DC Project Suite software as the most-flexible and powerful toolkit for unstructured data transformation. 

How ActiveNav manages unstructured dark data

Data discovery and classification

Content AccessActiveNav automates the discovery and classification of unstructured data, identifying sensitive and aging data across various repositories. This process helps organisations uncover data risks and value to manage their data more effectively.

Privacy and compliance

iManage SecurityThe platform ensures compliance with privacy regulations by maintaining an up-to-date data map, facilitating data subject access requests (DSARs), and providing tools for defensible data disposal. This helps organisations stay compliant with evolving regulations and mitigate compliance risks.

Data inventory and mapping

iManage CollaborationActiveNav creates a comprehensive and continuously updated data inventory, allowing businesses to have a clear and current view of all their unstructured data. This helps in understanding data distribution and ensuring proper data governance.

Proactive information governance 

Time productivityThe solution supports ongoing monitoring, measurement, and management of data, enabling organisations to align data ownership with accountability. This approach aids in sustainable data governance and risk mitigation by identifying data hotspots and assigning responsibility.

Data discovery benefits

How to successfully manage your dark data

Document Searching

Intuitive data mapping

Specialist role-based dashboards and heat maps to visualise the entire unstructured data estate in a single interface across all connected repositories


Scans multiple repositories

High performance connectivity and discovery across on-premise and cloud-bases repositories from file shares to email through Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace to more specialist environments like iManage, NetDocuments and ShareFile

Version Control

Data risk analysis

Extensible proprietary scoring models to identify sensitive or regulated data hotspots across a diverse range of regulations, industry and customer-specific needs

data security

Consolidated access

Best-in-class, high performance, target search for fulfilment of subject access requests across all connected repositories through a single interface.

DMS Cloud round

Legal practice and legal department

Alongside broad capabilities applicable to all industries, ActiveNav Cloud provides unique capabilities for legal firms, connecting to specialist repositories (like iManage Cloud) and providing ever-growing capabilities of the identification and governance of client matter data as part of any firm's core legal operations. Further, its support for configurable global data centres and business units allows for the monitoring of practice group-specific data challenges as well as problems like data spillages across jurisdictional or ethical walls.

ActiveNav products

ActiveNav Cloud

ActiveNav Cloud is a high-performance, low-cost SaaS solution for discovering and managing unstructured data. It helps identify sensitive data, ensures privacy compliance, and maintains an up-to-date data inventory. The platform offers a single view of all data repositories, uses proprietary scoring for risk assessment, and supports ongoing governance and data hotspot identification. It's designed to be scalable and easy to deploy, providing insights quickly and maintaining data governance over time.

DC Project Suite

The DC Project Suite by ActiveNav is an on-premise data transformation toolkit designed for data cleanup, migration, and record classification. It helps identify and manage unstructured data, including ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial), sensitive data, and intellectual property. The suite supports data labeling, migration preparation, and records classification, providing a comprehensive workbench for simplifying complex file plans and retention schedules, ensuring efficient and compliant data management.

Security Platform

ActiveNav’s security platform ensures robust protection for unstructured data through ISO 27001 compliance, Azure-based infrastructure, and comprehensive security measures. Features include automated source code analysis, penetration testing, encryption, access controls, and incident response planning. Regular audits and stringent policies for data management and employee conduct are in place to maintain high security standards. The platform emphasises low-cost, high-performance solutions tailored to business needs, ensuring continuous data governance and compliance.

Does ActiveNav Cloud store a copy of my data?

No, ActiveNav Cloud gathers metadata about the data it discovers including shape, size and composition metrics and indicators for configured data types (such as personal or case data). In this way it builds up and maintains a comprehensive inventory of the entire data estate without increasing customer's data footprint or risk exposure.

How is ActiveNav different from Microsoft Purview?

ActiveNav Cloud is designed specifically to provide visibility across all unstructured data rather than just those in the Microsoft ecosystem; further, it visualises all of that data, at scale, through a single compelling interface which is designed for use by compliance and governance teams without having to rely upon IT for technical interpretation.

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What is the difference between big data and dark data?

Big data refers to vast, complex datasets characterised by volume, velocity, and variety, actively used for analytics to drive insights and value. In contrast, dark data is collected but unused data, often untagged and unanalysed, representing untapped potential and storage costs. Managing both effectively enhances decision-making and operational efficiency, leveraging big data for active analysis and dark data for uncovering hidden insights and reducing inefficiencies.

What are examples of dark data?

Examples of dark data include archived emails, documents, customer data and system log files that are collected but not analysed, inactive documents and files stored in digital or physical archives, and internal operational data related to business processes that remain unused. These data types represent untapped potential and storage costs, highlighting the need for effective data management to uncover hidden insights and improve operational efficiency.

How do you prevent dark data?

To prevent dark data, implement ActiveNav for comprehensive data governance, regular audits, and effective data management. ActiveNav’s tools help organise and analyse data, ensuring no information goes unused. Educate employees on proactive data analysis and utilise ActiveNav's automated processes for data tagging and categorisation, making data easily accessible and valuable. This approach maximises data utilisation, uncovering hidden insights and improving operational efficiency.


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