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Bespoke development

Specialist development to help support your organisation's document management

Most organisations prefer to invest in ‘Out of the Box’ solutions rather than develop bespoke solutions, mainly to ensure that whatever they are implementing has been tried and tested elsewhere and therefore guarantees a return on their investment, with little risk.

Now that many of these solutions are cloud based, its no longer possible for internal IT teams to gain access to the back end databases to make tweaks or add enhancements.  

Most modern cloud solutions publish their api’s which allow a safer and more secure way of enhancing the solution, for example writing integrations between different systems without affecting or impacting on the functionality of either system.

Ascertus can provide advice and the expertise to ensure our clients unique requirements are met with ‘Out of the Box’ and custom built enhancements.

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Key benefits include:

  • Tailored solutions adding value 
  • Documented to ease support 
  • Custom configurations

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