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Enterprise search

“People spend up to 30% of their day simply trying to find information” IDC 

Access to the “knowledge” that exists in an organisation is of tremendous value to professionals, but it is typically spread across many different systems such as document and email management, SharePoint, fileshares, Intranets, ERP systems, knowledge banks, Intranet and CRM’s.  Therefore, surfacing this knowledge is challenging and it’s important that unlike Google, everything related to the search criteria is returned.  

Ascertus help businesses choose the right Enterprise Search solution to unlock the value of knowledge, develop workflows and ensure users are not spending 30% of their day searching for information.   

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Key benefits include:

  • Professionals have the most relevant content and knowledge at their fingertips, regardless of where it is stored
  • Increased contextual accuracy and speed of results
  • Security isn’t compromised due to knowledge sharing
  • Informed decision-making

Please contact Ascertus to discuss your enterprise search requirements, to see a live demonstration where you can ask questions and to better understand costs.


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