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Legal operations with Lawcadia

Lawcadia's innovate range of legal solutions are designed to revolutionise the way legal departments operate. Lawcadia's platform addresses critical legal pain points, providing transparency, efficiency, and cost control from intake, to delivery. Lawcadia's unique two-sided platform with an intelligent automation engine simplifies collaboration between in-house legal teams, their clients, and law firms.

Why you should choose Lawcadia

Increased efficiency

_20240509_productivityicon_ Icon_Website_100x100Lawcadia’s intelligent automation enhances efficiency by streamlining intake processes, eliminating manual data entry, generating documents, and automating approval workflows for legal reviews. 

Enhanced transparency

Document TransparencyAutomated data capture and advanced analytics, reporting and dashboards enhances and supports data-based decision making.

Cost savings

Cost savingsLawcadia's invoicing and eBilling solution automates and simplifies the invoicing process, offering PDF eBilling, detailed LEDES file reviews, automated rate card compliance, and comprehensive reporting for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Improved collaboration

iManage CollaborationThese productivity tools enhances internal client relationships and promote efficiency in legal operations.

Comprehensive solutions for in-house legal teams

How to get the most value from Lawcadia

Matter intake

Matter Intake & Triage

Streamline the intake and triage process with intelligent workflows that ensure accurate and timely handling of legal matters. This feature helps legal teams manage internal requests efficiently, reducing bottlenecks and improving service delivery.

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Comprehensive Matter Management

Organise and oversee all legal matters with real-time monitoring and tracking. Lawcadia’s matter management system provides a centralised platform for managing cases, ensuring no critical issues are overlooked.

Version Control

Document Automation

Automate the creation of draft documents, agreements, and contracts. Lawcadia’s document automation reduces manual data entry, streamlines review processes, and ensures consistency across legal documents.

Cost savings

Spend Management & eBilling

Gain control over legal spend with structured approaches to engaging and managing outside counsel. Lawcadia’s spend management features include eBilling, invoice review, and budget tracking, helping legal departments save on external legal costs.

Document Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage automated reporting and analytics to demonstrate the value of your legal function. Lawcadia provides configurable metrics and dashboards that offer insights into legal operations, helping teams make data-driven decisions.


No-Code Automation

Customise workflows with Lawcadia’s no-code automation engine. This feature allows legal teams to adapt the platform to their specific processes without the need for extensive coding or IT support.

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What are legal workflows & why should they be automated?

Legal workflow automation gives in-house lawyers the ability to create, enhance and embed best practice principles into their processes to facilitate consistent, collaborative, accountable and high-quality service delivery each time.

In this article we discuss legal workflows and explore why and how they should be automated to accelerate response times and keep up with the increased pace of business.

Why legal technology products fail

A legal tech implementation may fail due to poor user adoption, inadequate training, and lack of proper integration. Generally, if a legal technology product isn't user-friendly or well-integrated with other tools, or if its benefits aren't clear, users may resist adopting it and continue using familiar, less efficient methods. In this situation it becomes challenging to achieve ROI, or the implementation can fail altogether.

The Ascertus solution

At Ascertus we work collaboratively with our vendors and clients alike. This means we work in partnership to:

  • Establish business needs and objectives
  • Review appropriate solutions
  • Build an implementation strategy
  • Develop a bespoke onboarding program
  • Train employees to ensure adoption
  • Provide ongoing support and advice
Everything you need to make a Lawcadia implementation successful.
Ascertus process

Four steps to start your Lawcadia journey

Book a meeting

One of expert consultants will discuss any business pain points and objectives.

Product demo

Based on the initial discovery we will tailor a solution on demo the benefits.

Project scope

Align on timings, budget and project structure, to support the Business Case.

Strategy defined

An in-depth implementation strategy is defined to ensure projects success.

Speak to an expert

Lawcadia resources

Outside Counsel Management Guide

Download our FREE Lawcadia guide: The 8 Principles to Effective Outside Counsel Management

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Streamline your legal operations, see the Lawcadia benefits.

What is a matter management system?

A matter management system, such as Lawcadia, is a software solution designed to help legal teams manage and organise their cases and projects efficiently. It centralises information, allowing for the tracking of legal matters from inception to resolution. Key features typically include document management, task and deadline tracking, communication logs, and reporting tools. These systems streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, improve compliance, and provide real-time insights into case progress and resource allocation, ultimately boosting productivity and operational transparency in legal departments.

What is document automation in law?

Document automation in law involves using technology, such as Lawcadia, to automatically create, manage, and store legal documents. This process typically includes generating standard contracts, agreements, and forms by inputting specific data into pre-designed templates. Benefits include reducing manual data entry, minimising errors, ensuring compliance, and saving time. By streamlining the creation and review process, document automation enhances efficiency and allows legal professionals to focus on more complex tasks.

What is legal cost management?

Legal cost management involves strategies and tools used to control and optimise invoices associated with legal services. This includes budgeting, tracking invoices, negotiating fees, and ensuring compliance with agreed-upon rates. Effective legal cost management aims to enhance transparency, predictability, and efficiency in legal spending, reducing unnecessary costs while maintaining high-quality legal support. Techniques such as automated billing systems, real-time invoice tracking, and detailed reporting are commonly employed to achieve these goals.


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