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Ascertus takes SEGES to iManage Cloud for Document Management & GDPR Compliance

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London, U.K., 21 April 2021 – SEGES, Denmark’s prestigious Agriculture & Food Council, is live on iManage Work, for document and email management in the iManage Cloud with the solution delivered virtually by UK-based Ascertus Limited as the implementation partner. Deployed in SEGES’ legal function that comprises four departments spread across Aarhus and Copenhagen, users now have a centralised ‘knowledge bank’ where information on all cases and matters are stored. The solution is also assisting the department with GDPR compliance.

Solution successfully delivered virtually in Denmark across two sites by UK-based Ascertus

SEGES chose Ascertus as the implementation partner based on the company’s outstanding reputation in the Danish legal industry for expertise in iManage solution deployments. Jonas Valhøj Kleffel Nielsen, Legal & Tax, Department Manager, SEGES, explains,

“Ascertus is clearly the top choice for iManage implementations in Denmark. We asked many of our member organisations as well as law firms – all recommended Ascertus, both for implementation and ongoing support. Having now gone live, we can see why. Aside from the technical implementation and configuration advice they provided, the user training and post go-live support offered has been excellent. It has helped cement adoption of the solution in the department.”

The Ascertus Customer Success and Training Programme is a key part of any implementation project. Prior to and post go-live, SEGES users received practical training to help them familiarise with the key features, functionalities and use cases of iManage Work, so that from day one the solution delivered efficiency and productivity gains.

The legal department at SEGES is benefiting from a structured approach to document and email management, with iManage Work serving as a “knowledge bank” for the professionals. Lawyers can easily search for and find the latest and most relevant documents pertaining to the cases and matters they are working on – alongside other knowledge assets such as court verdicts. They can access and reuse complex contracts, rather than recreating them from scratch every time. Nielsen adds,

“This capability is important as we will be able to quickly secure new business opportunities by reducing the time to complete deals.”

Prior to iManage Cloud, SEGES was using different network drives to store matter files. This made information sharing across the department difficult.

The solution is facilitating compliance with the GDPR as users can securely store emails in iManage Work directly from Microsoft Outlook, with a click of a mouse. This means that emails and documents containing sensitive and confidential personal data are not retained in Outlook as a default storage location.

Ascertus has also integrated iManage Work with SEGES’ business management platform / ERP system. This has eliminated the need for users to input customer information separately in different technology solutions, reducing administrative time and duplication errors.

“Adding SEGES, the leading Danish agricultural knowledge and innovation centre, to our customer roster is of great pride to us,” comments Roy Russell, CEO of Ascertus Limited.

“This implementation is a good illustration that today, thanks to advanced technology alongside our own thoroughly fine-tuned processes, we can deliver iManage virtually – without compromising service quality or timelines.”

Ascertus is an iManage implementation and support partner to some of the most prestigious corporate legal organisations and law firms in Northern Europe. Russell concluded,

“iManage truly offers tangible benefits – a recent independent study shows that corporate legal departments can achieve an ROI of 378% over just three years, not to mention the productivity benefits that users can experience of up to 240 hours annually. Our goal is always to help our customers get the most out of their installation.”


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