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Putting Project Success to the Test

Effective User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is critical to ensuring that the new software and processes meet the needs, of both the business and individuals. It allows for any issues to be identified and fixed before the system goes live. Problems identified after go-live can have a serious negative impact on the business and user adoption. […]

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A Mindset Shift from Regulation-led to Culturally-embedded Cyber Security is Needed

We are at high risk of being immune to security breaches. With new security infringements grabbing the headlines on almost a daily basis, time and again one hears IT Directors and departments resignedly admit that a security breach is a matter of when, not if. At the same time, regulation is increasing with the risk […]

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Role of Third-party Technology Suppliers in a ‘Cloud First’ Solutions Environment

In today’s wholesale ‘working from home’ environment, rather poignantly, cloud technology has made its business case And once again, the idea that with such large-scale adoption of cloud applications, the need for traditional third-party technology suppliers is likely to be minimal, or even eliminated, is surfacing. Undoubtedly, once an application is implemented in the cloud, […]

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