Document and Email round

Document and email management

With ever-increasing cyber security threats, compliance and governance requirements and numerous formats for content and information sharing, a best practice-led approach to document and email management sits at the heart of a digital work environment.

iManage is a best-in-class document and email management system, with over 1 million active users across professional services firms and corporate organisations worldwide. Over 78% of the Global 100 law firms and 37% of the Fortune 100 use iManage.

Docusign round

Key benefits include:

  • Secure, streamlined, collaborative and modern work environment, allowing professionals to manage information productively and securely.
  • Single, central repository of custom folders for all matter-related information.
  • Functionally rich, providing powerful search, version control, seamless integration with Microsoft Office and Teams and co-authoring capabilities - all underpinned by high security standards across the platform.
  • Designed based on mobile-first principles, users can work from anywhere, at any time and from any device in today’s remote and hybrid working environment, enjoying the same user experience.
  • Available on-premises and in the cloud

Please contact Ascertus to discuss your document and email management requirements, to see a live demonstration where you can ask questions and to better understand costs.


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