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Automating Movement of Data

Litera: CAM

Explore the remarkable benefits of integrating Syncly with HighQ,  iManage and Office 365 —an integration that promises to enhance your legal technology ecosystem, providing  customer satisfaction, risk mitigation and compliance.


Having a robust provisioning solution for iManage workspaces is a must have when it comes to ensuring compliance and governance.   Learn how Litera Governance solutions can help with provisioning, classifying, and securing your cloud iManage workspaces. 




Learn how Kim transforms MS Word into an easy-to-use document automation, data capture, and system integration solution.


Learn how Syncly can help you streamline your document management workflows and improve collaboration and communication with clients and partners.




Essential viewing for anyone who needs to surface and access business-critical knowledge residing in their iManage Work document and email management system. You will learn how to capture your firm's 'collective experience' for business advantage. 


Learn how your firm can augment productivity through automating basic tasks from client correspondence to creating advanced document and process automation

Top Tips Webinars

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iManage Version Control

Searching in iManage


In this session we will explore version control in detail, discuss best practices and review typical scenarios where version control needs to be considered.


iManage Work 10 provides incredible search capabilities, but many users are unaware of the best methods to use when searching. This session will explore searching best practices and top tips.

iManage for Beginners

Adobe Acrobat Sign for iManage


This webinar is relevant for new starters, or those who would like an iManage Work 10 refresh.


In this webinar our guest speaker Tim Long, Managing Director at Zylpha will show you how you can reduce timescales and send documents for e-Signature directly from within iManage, with Adobe Acrobat.

An Introduction to iManage Tracker


iManage Tracker is a task management tool that is fully integrated with iManage Work 10. It enables users to take control of their work by organising tasks, improving visibility whilst reducing risk. 

An Introduction to iManage Share


iManage Share lets you securely share documents and other items with external users. It provides seamless integration with iManage Work and Microsoft Outlook and offers industry-leading security that is easy and convenient, without sacrificing the governance of your clients' files

An Introduction to iManage Threat Manager


Manage Threat Manager helps organisations protect sensitive information from internal and external threats. It can also help you understand how your users work with iManage, providing tools to monitor compliance and system adoption.





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