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Risk and Investment Specialist, Cardano, Adopts iManage Cloud

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London, U.K. – 03 August 2020  Cardano, a privately-owned, purpose-built risk and investment specialist, has chosen Ascertus Limited as its implementation partner to deploy document and email management platform, iManage Cloud. Once implemented, iManage Cloud will securely centralise, store and structure over 10 years’ worth of documents in the firm’s corporate legal department, giving users including lawyers, the legal assistant and the compliance officer access to the content from anywhere and any device. The document comparison tool, compareDocs, will also be seamlessly integrated with the iManage solution. Ascertus provides tailored information and document lifecycle management solutions, on-premises and in the cloud, to professional services firms and corporate legal departments across the UK and Europe.

“In keeping with our business growth, including the assets under management, our legal team has expanded too, making document management essential for the legal department’s operation,” explains Miriam Lindsay, Senior Legal Counsel, Cardano. “Presently, we have a shared folder system for documents. Additionally, everyone uses their email inboxes to store information in a string of folders that potentially run into the 100s. It’s an inefficient way of keeping documents and requires a lot of time which could be better focused elsewhere.”

Cardano selected Ascertus as its implementation partner following recommendation. Ascertus is currently working closely with Cardano’s legal department to design and configure iManage Cloud so that the platform delivers efficiency and productivity gains to the users. For ease of information sharing, the folder structure in the iManage platform is being streamlined. Tags and metadata are being used to index content and facilitate search. The system will automatically assign numbers to documents in iManage Cloud for easy trackability.  iManage Cloud is being fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, to enable users to save documents and emails directly from Outlook and Word into the document and email management platform. Users will have visibility of the documents and emails that have already been filed in the system, directly from their Outlook inboxes, saving them time and ensuring that there are no duplicate files residing in iManage Cloud.

“It’s clear to us that the Ascertus team has sound knowledge of iManage Cloud,” adds Lindsay. “They are working with us patiently and systematically to meet our system requirements. Their approach to working is very straightforward and professional – with a lot of emphasis on attention to detail.”

Ascertus is also providing Cardano with compareDocs, which seamlessly integrates with iManage Cloud. Users at Cardano will be able to compare any file type, review accept and reject changes in a live Word document and save it back to iManage Cloud.

“Due to the large volume of files that a corporate legal department has to deal with, the lack of document and email management capability can be hugely frustrating for lawyers,” comments Jon Wainwright, Sales and Marketing Director of Ascertus Limited. “Once deployed, iManage Cloud will deliver significant efficiency and productivity gains to the individuals as well as streamline the department’s operation to a large extent.”

About Ascertus Limited

Ascertus provides information and document lifecycle management consultancy, software solutions and IT support services to law firms and corporate legal departments. Based in Central London, the company offers a full range of professional services – from consultancy, business analysis and project management; to software implementation, training, documentation and technical support – delivering bespoke email, contract and document management solutions in on-premises and privately hosted environments. The company has successfully delivered and managed some of the largest iManage Work installations at customer sites in the UK. For more information, visit:

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