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How Ascertus manages to stay current in an ever-changing industry after 22 years

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Sonya Gosling

Ascertus launched their business in June 2000 with only two employees in a small office in Dock Street, London, E1. a long way both technologically and personally from where they are now. This was a time when there were no smartphones, no Alexa, no Gmail, no Netflix and no free shipping on anything. (Amazon didn’t introduce free shipping on orders until 2002 and only on orders over $99!). 

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Responsiveness, Responsibility and Reliability

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What makes a good Support Helpdesk?  The latest survey conducted independently by iManage highlights that Ascertus is very highly rated for the quality of its Support services by customers.  We have also significantly improved our rating from last year.  Such instances are always a good time for introspection – what are we doing well and how can we improve our offering even further?

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