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Professionals in Corporates Should Use iManage For More Than Email Management

Image of Kuldeep Singh
Kuldeep Singh

From speaking to our corporate customers, they simply love the email management functionality that the iManage document and email management system (DMS) provides to their professionals, thanks to the application’s seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook – auto-filing of emails, suggested filing of inbound and outbound emails, drag and drop capability, filing several emails in a single action, send and file feature, and so on.

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Expanding Document Management from In-House Legal to Other Departments

Image of Roy Russell
Roy Russell

Previously published in Legal IT Professionals, March 2019

Many corporate legal departments today deploy document and email management systems (DMS). Documents are the lifeblood of lawyers and they produce a plentiful supply of them. It is critical that they have a very effective document management system to assist their department to be more efficient, increase productivity and mitigate risk.

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With the iManage / Microsoft Partnership in Place, iManage is a Logical, Long-term Choice for Law Firms

Image of Antony Wells
Antony Wells

Last year, iManage announced its strategic partnership with Microsoft. As part of this relationship principally, iManage announced the company’s adoption of Microsoft Azure as the global platform for the iManage Cloud, as well as its intention of extending and deepening the integration of its document and email management system (DMS), iManage Work’s, with Microsoft 365.  Additionally, a connecter within iManage Work will be released within Power Automate to allow integrations with other systems to automate workflows.  

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Is Your Account Manager Up To The Job?

Image of Jamie Willgoose
Jamie Willgoose

The core role of an account manager is to build strong relationships with clients whilst identifying challenges or opportunities and finding ways to assist with these challenges and opportunities. In this blog Jamie Willgoose, a Business Consultant at Ascertus who has spent most of his career in product implementation and training identifies the key areas that account managers should focus on to help clients meet their business objectives.

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Are You Ready to Migrate Your iManage Work Document Management System to the Cloud?

Image of Raj Chambore
Raj Chambore

Over the last few years, we have seen a seismic shift in technology adoption, with organisations moving their infrastructure to the cloud. Consequently today, cloud-based applications are no longer seen as emerging technologies – they are now a default choice. The latest Gartner statistics show that 85% of organisations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025. So, why has cloud computing become so popular?

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The biggest challenges, the next big thing and adapting to the future

Image of Sonya Gosling
Sonya Gosling

This is the third and final part of the Ascertus brand story with CEO and Founder Roy Russell, where we’ve looked at the past, present and future of Ascertus and the DMS industry. Our first blog was focused on how Ascertus came to be and how they manage to stay current after 22 years in the business. The second part focused on their new mission and vision statements, advice on how to keep clients happy and how companies can avoid the dreaded pitfalls of the DMS industry.

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How Ascertus manages to stay current in an ever-changing industry after 22 years

Image of Sonya Gosling
Sonya Gosling

Ascertus launched their business in June 2000 with only two employees in a small office in Dock Street, London, E1. a long way both technologically and personally from where they are now. This was a time when there were no smartphones, no Alexa, no Gmail, no Netflix and no free shipping on anything. (Amazon didn’t introduce free shipping on orders until 2002 and only on orders over $99!). 

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Delivering Project Success to Customers – A Step by Step Approach

Image of Chris Davies
Chris Davies
The Ascertus Change Management in Digital Transformation Blog Series

It’s not good enough to merely implement technology successfully. The real test of success for a system lies in the tangible value it delivers to the business, which in turn depends on the technology’s user adoption levels.

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Top Tips to Automate Records Management

Nickie Ashton

Fundamentally, records management is about information governance, which in turn – given all the regulatory scrutiny that exists today – is key to minimising operational risk. Due to the continuous and exponential growth of data in a variety of formats, a manual approach to records management is likely to be a losing battle. On the other hand, a strategic, in-place and automated approach can make this function routine and ‘par for the cause’.

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