Ascertus announce v.2 of Azure Platform

Ascertus today announced the availability of Version 2 of the Hosted WorkSite platform.

Based in Microsoft Azure, the new version includes the latest versions of the WorkSite products and takes advantage of new features of the Azure platform.  Existing environments will be upgraded over the next few weeks to the new standard.

Providing a Private cloud for HP Enterprise WorkSite for Clients, each Client environment is sandboxed to isolate client data, but taking advantage of Azure Geo_Replication and Azure Backup to give a Secure, stable and resilient solution at the fraction of the cost of a on-premise deployment, which can grow or shrink on demand to meet your needs.

Whether you want to reduce your Document management overheads, or test or develop against a standard WorkSite environment without a long term commitment to hardware, let Ascertus powered by Microsoft Azure and DocAuto Helm take the load.


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